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How to get plugin Parameters ?

1- APIKey :
a - Login to your account and go to your profile by clicking on this icon
b - On the Your APIKey tap you will find your APIKey

2- Twitter parameters :

a - Register a Twitter Account

b - Creat an Application with any name
* make the Default Access type: Read & Write
* ignore callback URL field

c - Go to your applications list and click on your application, get the first two parameters
* consumer key
* consumer secret

d - Click on My Access Token [side tap], get the two other parameters
* Access Token
* Access Token Secret

How it works ?

Final Tweet posted to twitter
Download :

About the Addon :
After installing this addon for firefox you will see a small icon in the down right corner of the firefox browser, by clicking on it the addon toolbar will appear in the browser as shown in the first screenshot.

This toolbar could be used for instant link shortening and sharing on Facebook and twitter and shown in the second screenshot
Screenshots for the addon

Download for VB3 :

Download for VB4 :

About the modification :
This Product is a modified vbAnonymizer, and this is how it works :

1- It will virtualy rewrite all the links on your threads to the form :

2- The link will be shorten with the direct redirection method and added to your account

3- The visitor will be redirected to the shortlink which will get him to redirection page. Your ads and content added by you will appear in the page

Screenshots for the AdminCP options

to be added soon