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Drive Safety promotes safer driving through science.
It provides high-fidelity driving simulation systems for research applications.

It is also conducting ongoing research for clinical applications. Its mission is to utilize highly sophisticated driving simulation devices to assist patients with cognitive, visual and motor skill impairments including the elderly and people with medical conditions.

It will provide therapeutic and rehabilitative tools necessary to assist these individuals in maintaining independence and mobility, including driving, for as long as is safely possible.

Driver Rehabilitation - CDS clinical driving simulators and associated scenarios are being developed, researched and refined with the objective of providing therapeutic and rehabilitative tools to medical care professionals to help individuals with cognitive, visual/perceptual and psychomotor impairments.

Driver Assessment - CDS clincial driving simulators and associated scenarios will be developed, researched and refined with the objective of providing evaluation tools to assess a person's cognitive, visual/perceptual and psychomotor skills in a safe, credible and non-threatening environment.

Driving Research - DS research driving simulators provide social scientists, engineers and medical communities advanced simulation technology and design and data collection tools for the study of driving behavior, human factors, road design and transportation conditions and systems.

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