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angry,birds,game unsolved,mystery,club,ancient,astrinauts magic,farm,game,games,flower
angry,birds,game unsolved,mystery,club,ancient,astrinauts magic,farm,game,games,flower
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EA Sports plans to Follow the fans
Earlier this week, GameSpot caught up with former EA Sports president Peter Moore at Gamescom to get his appraisal of an array of industry issues now that he has ascended to the position of chief operating officer of Electronic Arts. Moore's EA Sports successor, Andrew Wilson, also sat down to discuss his new domain with GameSpot. During the discussion, the executive covered the early gamer reaction to the Season Ticket program, EA Sports' spotty support of handhelds, customer apathy over 3D support, and bringing Move and Kinect support to FIFA 13.

New EA Sports head Andrew Wilson, speaking at the Evolve conference last month.

GameSpot: Are you expecting to make any changes to the direction of EA Sports, or simply following through on the approach put in place by your predecessor?

Andrew Wilson: The good news about my predecessor, Peter Moore, is that he worked with the entire leadership team building a strategy for EA Sports. And as recently as a month ago, Peter and I and the rest of the executive team spent a lot of time in the studio delivering what that strategy was. And what I look forward to now is following through on that strategy. For us, I don't think anything changes. We'll miss Peter, of course, but the strategy that was put in place is going to drive forwards.

GS: What has the response to the Season Ticket program been like so far?

AW: It's been good so far. We've had a lot of feedback, a lot of downloads of the app, and certainly some people taking up Season Ticket. The feedback is the concept of early access is something that's very valuable to people, and certainly if you download a lot of content in Ultimate Team modes, then the concept of the DLC discount is also very valuable. And we think it'll come into its own about three days before Madden launches. There's been solid take-up already, but as we get five days out and people are thinking about playing Madden three days early, that's when we'll see the big shift.

GS: Could it continue every year even if only the most diehard of EA Sports fans supported it?

AW: Absolutely, and that's who we built it for. They were the people who came to us and said they play our games every year and would like some benefit for that. In all honesty, it's built for them, and we will evolve the program based on their feedback.

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ea,electronic arts,ea sports,fans,gaming,interview